So you are thinking about doing Peyote (you fool). Realize that you are about to open up a new world that will leave you scratching your head and then searching for the truth.

If Peyote decides to find you, then you will begin a journey (yes, Peyote finds you, you don’t find Peyote). Maybe a nightmare into the door of your soul.Imagine walking around a small Mexican town with a loud train that goes right through the middle. Your dead mothers head is stacked 3 feet deep as you walk in search of a way out. You walk with a female police officer and she points to the bus station. You confirm in your mind that you will leave tomorrow and never come back. Walking into a small church Peyote reveals the biggest puppet show on earth.  Outside the church an old man smiles. He knows what gringos do in his town.

Respect for the plant and respect for the people for allowing you to explore the truth.

This journey is a all nighter and most of the day. Its a thinker. Visions will dance above your head. Mysterious creatures lurk around the corner in the shadows.

This is where Peyote lives. Possibly you will find yourself illegally climbing over fences that guard the sacred plant. You will have to eat Peyote in the field or risk going to jail if you are searched by police.


Not very tasty. You choke down three to four of these Peyotes and hold back from puking.


Wow, not exactly the best environment to explore Peyote in. Some dead end hotel next to the railroad tracks. Hold on. Your journey is just getting started.


Hey, it’s time for the traditional forced puke.  No turning back now. Better get a grip and hold on. Your biggest fears and joys are about to be put on the big screen of reality. No where to run and no where to hide. Its just Peyote and you.


If you start to get scared, go hang out with the horses.  Walk around nature and tell yourself everything is ok. It will get better!  Peyote is just revealing what you already know. Life is beautiful. Death is real. Life and death are one.

Maybe explore the church for comfort.  Is it real or just a puppet show? Could this be a myth or story. Peyote seems to be telling me something. Whats to be believed? Something I can touch with my hands and see or something I read about and pretend exists?

Save the best for last! Its the last few hours that are the most beautiful. Colors and sounds become extraordinary. Your teacher is now showing you life in the purist form.


Different roads and stop signs. Proceed at your own risk.



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