Hostel Trail (Popayan)


Location: Cra 11, No. 4-16, Popayan, Colombia

Price: $8.00 USD (16,000 Pesos) for dorm, Single room no bath $14.00 USD (28.000 Pesos), Double room shared bath $20.00 USD (40,000 Pesos)… They have other options!

Phone: 314-696-0805


Hostel Trail is a very nice hostel to stay at in Popayan, Colombia. They offer free WiFi and also 3-house computer that you can use for a fee (but users were having connection problems.)

Hostel Trails offers excellent lockers to store your valuables (Finally a hostel that gets it.)


The hostel is clean and secure. They offer laundry service of about $4.00 USD.




They have a pet dog named “Ally” that you can take for a walk. Ally is an expert bottle cap catcher and can toss it back to you.

Please take me for a walk.


Lounge area.


The showers have hot water.


Beds in the dorm are comfortable. There is a kitchen you can use.


Free coffee is available all day and night. You can purchase beer and sodas on the honor system.


  • Good location
  • Good prices
  • Secure
  • Clean
  • Free WiFi
  • Free coffee
  • Bed comfortable
  • Excellent maps and travel instructions
  • Big screen TV with DVD collection


  • None

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