Parque Condor (Otavalo)


Location: About 4.5 km out of Otavalo, Ecuador (walking takes about 1 hour from the bus terminal)

Price: $3.50 USD


Parque Condor on the mountain high about the city of Otavalo, Ecuador is a nice place to visit and support our feathered friends that have been injured and are in the need of rehabilitation.

You can take a taxi (4 to 5 dollars) or walk. The walk is rather strenuous, but a nice tromp through the local bush. If you decide to take the hike then start down by the bus station and ask the locals on which way (North) to head. Basically you head up the rather steep mountain facing you and Parque Condor is “all the way up on the peak.” You go up some stairs and keep walking straight ahead up a steep road. Slowly the paved road turns to dirt and then the road turns into a dirt trail. Then you will come to a grassy road (you have to walk through someone’s yard and to reach the horizontal road.) Go right and then you will see that the road/trail starts heading north again. Walk on this dirt road for about 7 minutes and then you will come to a cobblestone road. Take a left on the cobblestone road and after about 12 minutes you will come to a sign that points you to Parque Condor. Then it is another 10 minutes to the gate of Parque Condor.

What the trail looks like on your hike from Otavalo.


Eventually you will come to this road (go left).


Make sure you wear some good shoes or sturdy sandals. Pack some water and maybe a light snack. They do have a snack bar in the park that you can buy some water and food.


You might want to find the definite time on when they have the flying demonstrations, because I missed the first one and the other one was not until 4:30 pm.


Plenty of birds to view and the view of the surrounding mountains are spectacular. Even if you don’t go in the park, the walk is worth the view and you have a lake town (can’t think of the name) on top, which you might want to walk to.

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