True adventure could be on a homemade raft.

I was sitting on the uneven wooden deck of my hostel and I caught a glimpse of this raft floating by on the Huallaga River in Yurimaguas, Peru. I thought, “Now that is what adventure is all about.” You could actually float through the Amazon jungle and into the Atlantic Ocean.

I would suppose it would be pretty inexpensive to build a suitable raft to float the Jungle Rivers in Peru. Outfit the raft with a good mosquito net and setup some sort of stove to cook with. Maybe a gas stove or gather fallen wood along the way for fuel. Water would be the other big concern. You would either have to boil, filter or purchase your water along the journey.

Floating with the currents would not require a engine. A long pole to steer with would be a necessity.

There is no one to stop you from coming here to Peru and building a raft. No permit needed here in the jungle to float on a raft. You would probably find yourself surrounded by curious locals eager to lend you a hand in the construction of your raft.

What are you waiting for? Come to the jungle in Peru and build a raft!


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