“Yacuruna” Alojamiento Rural (Yurimaguas)


Price: 15-20 Sol (for single)

Location: on the river behind Parque Central (walk down the stairs.) Yurimaguas, Peru.
This hostel is probably the quietest one you will find in Yurimaguas. Good location near the central park, markets and restaurants.

The locks on the door are rather flimsy, but the people seem honest that run this hotel. The shared bathroom is kept pretty clean.

The beds are large and a little lumpy. Good mosquito nets over the windows.
They charge extra (3 Sol) if you want a fan in your room. I never paid for a fan and the days get rather hot here.

The best thing about staying at this hostel is sitting on the upper deck overlooking the river below. Night times are the best, since it cools off considerably and makes for good sleeping.

  • Secure
  • Good price
  • Clean
  • Beds good
  • View
  • Location is good
  • Quite


  • Extra money for fan
  • Poor locks on doors

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