Yurimaguas, Peru to Lagunas, Peru by boat.

Cost: 20 Sol

Things to take:

Plate (Tupperware with locking lid) and spoon (your ticket includes a meal)
Warm blanket for night

Arrive for departure about an hour early for a good hammock spot and plan on the one-way trip taking 12 hours or more.

Most people go to Lagunas, Peru to visit the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. You can contact a tour guide in Yurimaguas to have a guide meet you in Lagunas.
If you travel by the older wooden boats then you will find yourself with less wiggle room. Traveling in the big barges is a lot more spacious and comfortable. The drawback to traveling in the big barges is they get stuck easy and you can spend a considerable amount of time trying to get “unstuck.”
After a couple of hours of watching the jungle pass by, you might find yourself enjoying some quite time in your hammock or reading a book.
The nights can get very chilly and you will be happy to bring a warm blanket or some very warm clothing.
Once you arrive in Lagunas, Peru then jump in a moto-taxi (1.50 to 2.00 Sol) and have them take you to a hostel near the market or you could stay by the port and stay in a hospedajes there. The market area is a little nicer in my opinion.


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