Creepy crawlers in Iquitos, Peru

Now the jungle has all kinda interesting things to make you freak out in the night and even the daytime! Imagine you are sitting on the toilet thinking about mosquitoes and you happen to look up and see a very large boa constrictor just hanging around over your head. Remain cool and finish your business.

This photo was actually taken in the toilet. This is real folks and not some high tech Pixar film I attempted to put together in 10 minutes.


Guide showing inside the mouth of Boa. Notice the teeth. Be sure to floss everyday!


Now my friend claims this big bug with blue dots is rather rude in which he crawls up your pants and begins to bite. The nerve!

big bug

Frog blending into the surrounding leaves and twigs.


Funky mushroom spider with legs. To pet or run? Ah, how cute.

 funky spider

No jungle trip is without a couple hairy tarantulas crawling under your hammock at night.


And the other one.


The jungle is a paradise to discover different animals that make up our world. I say we take care of the planet and our fellow friends! 🙂

Thank you Dave for the photos!


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