Surfing Playa Herradura, Peru.

bird_rockPlaya Herradura is located about 20 minutes from Miraflores, Peru. You can take a taxi from Miraflores, Peru to Playa Herradura for about 15 to 20 Nuevo Sols. You can surf the main beach area of Playa Herradura or head over to the cliffs for a more adventurous day of surfing. Probably best to let the taxi driver take you to the cliff area, since it is a good 15 minutes walk.


Personally I’m not a surfer and just ride my bike over to the cliff area to get away from the crowds of Lima, Peru. Lots of rocks protruding from the water, so not a good beginner area. Stick to the Herradura beach area for beginners.

Stop at restaurant “El Salto del Fraile” going down the hill (First restaurant on your right) and walk across this awesome stone bridge. Slip… and forget about surfing!rock_bridge

Cool sights across the bridge.


The restaurants offer an assortment of seafood dishes. You can grab some cheap grub in front of the beach from the local women selling the traditional Peruvian dishes to save money and just order a beer from the restaurants.

Sign leading to the main drag.


What the main drag looks like. Restaurants, beer and surf. This is during the weekday. Weekends the place is jam packed with all the beautiful people.


Sea bird enjoying the sun.


Playa Herradura is the big party spot on the weekends. Lots of beer and curves.