There is no happy ending.

She opened her eyes and was startled to see a black stallion outside her window starring at her. Vapor steam condensed the window when the stallion exhaled. She struggled to slide the window open just a tiny bit. She reached out an touched the long black mane of the stallion. The hair was sticky and clung to her fingers.


Her bed was next to the bedroom window. On her knees in bed she pulled with all her might and the window opened enough for her to squeeze out. Pulling on the mane of the black stallion she struggled, finally her knees scraped the window sill and the stallion gently pulled her away. Helping ease the escape.

Bareback in her white pajamas she twisted her hands into the sticky mane. A long warm snout tickled her right foot and she glanced back to see a white stallion sniffing her. Suddenly the black stallion bolted forward. She dug her knees and elbows into the stallion. She cried as the speed of the black stallion increased. Race speed. Lightning.

Leaping into the air, stretched like an arrow, both stallions cleared the tall hedge simultaneously that outlined her family farm. She new they were heading toward the lake and after 10 minutes of pure thoroughbred break neck speed the stallions braked hard with their hooves on the shores of soft lake mud. Slowly the stallions walked into the lake and began to swim. The moon shone down on them. With their heads held high they emitted steam like a locomotive. She was cold and begun to shiver. Sensing her discomfort the stallions swam harder.

Finally they emerged onto an island shrouded in fog. Slowly she slid her cold wet body off the stallion and her bare feet squished into the warm island mud. She could see a fire burning ahead and walked forward. A lady welcomed her with open arms and draped a musty warm quilt over her cold body.  A clay mug with warm liquid was placed in her hands. Sweet was the taste and it stung the back of her throat. Slowly her body became comfortably warm. Her eyelids grew heavy. Then she was wide awake. Aware. She smiled.

The white stallion approached her from behind and gently touched her ear with her muzzle. She giggled and slowly stroked the white stallions long muzzle.

All the fire from hell to heaven belongs to you, the lady spoke. I know love resides in your heart. Listen only to your heart from here forward. Burn the evil to ashes.

With that she mounted the white stallion and sped toward the high peak of the island. Toward the cliff of the highest peak. The white stallion lept off the edge with wings stout as the mightiest steel. Lighting flashed and bolts of thunder struck the earth.