Thoughts on Janome Magnolia 7318 sewing machine for making your own lightweight backpacking gear.

If you decide to make your own lightweight backpacking gear you will need a sewing machine. After reading many sewing machine reviews I decided on the Janome 7318. You can pick these sturdy machines up for under 250 dollars on the web.

This machine is considered an entry level to intermediate machine. Great machine for learning on. I’ve started with womens fashion purses to sharpen my skills and now moved onto real backpacking gear. Manly stuff.

Currently I’m making a G4 ultra lightweight backpack kit. More on that kit in the future.

So far this machine has not given me any trouble. It sews through denim with ease. On my backpack project it sews through thick straps, Velcro, 300 weight cordura and fine ripstop lightweight fabric with care.

The light does a good job on my main needle work surface. The machine is easy to thread. The buttonhole attachment works well.

The plastic is sturdy. The motor runs smooth.

This article convinced me to buy the Janome 7318.

Now you may be wondering why make your own lightweight backpacking gear? Well price can be a factor and just learning a new skill is interesting.