G-4 ultra-lite backpack kit quick review.

Though I have fantasies about tromping through the wilderness naked with a bowie knife clenched between my teeth and sleeping in trees. Gear is good.

You can buy a kit online to make your own G-4 backpack for under 50 dollars, drop some extra cash for foam to fill the shoulder and hip straps (unless socks will do for you). Maybe some extra thread for fun.

The G-4 ultra-lite backpack is old school. A cult like following with lots of history (Google it). There is a sense of manly or womanly pride in making your own gear. You understand your gears strengths and weaknesses. You need patience to make your own gear. Days when you turn the sewing machine off and walk away in disgust, yet you return the next day with determination. Days when you scream and laugh out loud.

This pack is for 18 lbs or less. The bare-bones minimalist backpacker.

As you can see in this photo there is plenty of outside mesh storage space.

The side view shows also more mesh storage space.

In this photo you can see where your z-rest sleeping pad would go. That would be your support for your back. Both shoulder and hip straps have the foam inserted.

Mesh fabric holds your sleeping pad in place.

The kit does not include foam, but calls for using your socks as padding. Hardcore.

Shot of the foam in the shoulder straps. Velcro holds the foam or your socks in place.

Hip pads with foam inserted. Also have Velcro.

Very important to pay attention on this buckle that attaches the shoulder straps to the bottom of the pack. Make sure the buckle is oriented in the right direction before you sew it on to the strap (test it). Or you will have a big headache in removal.

Hip buckle is very small compared to heavy pack.

Nice hand carry strap to move your pack around.

Two ways your can close the top of your pack. One way is fold the flap and Velcro on side.

Velcro that holds the fold together. Rather confusing in the directions.

Here you can see the cinch line if your just wanted to do a traditional closure.

It’s your pack you can do what ever you like. You are given two options.

This pack is not waterproof. You need to stuff your gear in a garbage bag to keep dry.

Final thoughts. Pretty good directions, but more pictures would help. Difficult for the beginner sewer. But take your time and you can do it. Don’t worry about little mistakes, you can always make little repairs to fix your oops.