Smoky Mountain Newfound Gap Road.

Driving through the Cherokee reservation in Tennessee after attending a week-long course at John C Campbell Folk School. I stopped at McDonald’s for a cup of coffee and a value meal chicken sandwich. Entering McDonald’s I held the door open for a nice Cherokee Indian lady and said hello. She said hello back to me. It’s best to tread very lightly in Indian territory, just in case some war party comes riding through looking for fresh scalps.

I was seeing how far 500mb of data on my google maps would get me and Newfound Gap Road looked like a good drive, plus I was trying to avoid society that day. The road was semi-cleared of snow and ice. Really I didn’t give a shit if I got stuck, since I had my sleeping bag and some dried nuts. Plus the creeks were not frozen over. Figured I could survive for 3 days until I started the hike back to McDonald’s.

The Newfound Gap Road is like 35 miles from Cherokee to Gatlinburg bypass. Coming around a corner I saw a sign for Mingus Mill. So I hit the brakes and pulled into the parking lot. It was rather chilly and immediately I had the urge to take a piss. The bathrooms were closed, so I opted for the gender neutral bathroom in the bushes.

So the Mingus Mill in the Smoky Mountains is where the local community used to grind their wheat into flour. Imagine that.

Here are some photos of the Mingus Mill.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Then I proceeded up the mountain in my vehicle. On the top of the mountain it was very beautiful. A crow flew over my vehicle and I snapped this shot with my LG G4 phone.

The trees were glittered with snow crystals and children ran around with glee. Their buxum moms attempted to climb the ten steps for the little overlook observation platform. I said a prayer, because I new if they slipped on those stairs it was going to be an ugly slid down and they might skid across the paved road. Tangled in the guard rail and scuff that nice North Face jacket. Plus my CPR skills are rusty. I usually go for the chest compression’s first. Just to see if they are worth saving. Sorry.

Some History of Newfound Gap (Click Pic)

Good pic of the road on top of the mountain.

So pretty

So this is the easy way to see some of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee from the luxury of your vehicle.

Google maps used very little data on my phone plan. Recommended if you don’t have a GPS in your vehicle. I used around 6 Megabytes of data.