Bug Rescue

I was slapping mosquitoes off my ankles and cursing aloud. Finally giving up capturing a picture of that elusive bald eagle that fly’s above in the brilliant Tennessee sky. Low and behold walking past the bird bath I spotted a yellow looking flying bug. Well, I’m always curious. So I took a close look and observed his legs were still kicking. So I picked up a green leaf and offered him a chance.

Yes indeed he grabbed the life leaf and climbed on board. Then he crawled off onto the rim of the bird bath. Indeed he/she (LGBT also) was a lucky bug. He proceeded to sun his self and I proceeded to retreat from the mosquitoes.

What becomes of his fate you may wonder? I assume a long bug life ahead. Maybe drink some Coca Cola from a discarded can or land on a succulent flower. Possible a splat on a windshield. Who knows? Only the bug God.