Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX Lens and Nikon D60 camera test.

Bought a used Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX lens (paid 112.00 dollars) on ebay and I’ve been testing it out. Currently I’m shooting with a Nikon D60 that was introduced in 2008. You can purchase these cameras cheap on the web. This Nikon D60 only had around 4500 shutter clicks. I paid around 120.00 dollars for a complete kit that came with the Nikon 18-55mm VR DX lens. Some of the photos were taken in Sparta, TN on a sunny day and a few where taken on a rainy day in another town.

There was a bike ride in Sparta, TN and this was taken in the Town Hill Bike Shop.

Sparta Tennessee is starting to boom. New brew pub getting ready to open.

Tennessee is all about music.

Another cheap bike.

The town clock.

Walking in a park and I came across this turtle. Slowly or maybe rapidly they are disappearing in Tennessee. Run over by the dozens in my area.

Nice color in this leaf.

Mcminnville, TN

My trusty Panasonic LX-3 that refuses to die. Been through Mexico, Central America and South America. Paid 500.00 dollars for it. You can buy them on ebay for 35.00 dollars now. Great small travel camera. Battery life sucks though. Carry a spare.

The problem with Ebay is you never really know what condition your camera or lens is going to be in. It’s a crap shoot.

This site offers a warranty and sells some good cameras. I just purchased a Nikon D300 and waiting for it to arrive. Free shipping. The Nikon D300 I ordered was listed as well worn with around 31,000 shutter clicks. These cameras are suppose to last up to 150,000 shutter clicks. So will be interesting in what condition it’s in. The pictures of the camera looked good. Just some minor scrapes and bumps.

So the bottom line is this lens and camera make a good combination. You don’t need the latest or greatest gear to get good pictures.