Eel fisherman El Salvador.

Museo de la Revolucion Salvadorena (Perquin)


Cost: $1.25 USD Location: Top of the town to your left. Follow the signs or ask directions. Helicopter that was carrying Domingo Monterrosa (architect of the Mozote Massacre) Lots to learn at this museum in Perquin, El Salvador about the civil war. Bomb Crater.

Mozote, El Salvador the scene of the country’s most atrocious wartime massacre.



If you were staying in Perquin or nearby then I would say this is a town to visit to learn some of the history of El Salvador’s civil war. The town is very easy to reach by a combination of bus, pickup and walking. In Perquin you can go on a guided tour for $5.00 USD dollars and they handle all the logistics of getting you there. My friend and I were walking the last couple miles and someone stopped in a truck and gave us a free ride part of the distance.

The Story of what happened.