Museo de la Medicina Maya (San Cristobal)


San Cristobal, Mexico Admission: 20 Pesos (2 US dollars) Location: Av Salomon Gonzalez Blanco ( A nice half hour walk if you are in the mood). The museum is pretty fascinating and shows you how the Mayans live traditionally. There is even a film on how the child birth is done with mid-wives. There is … Continue reading Museo de la Medicina Maya (San Cristobal)


San Cristobal (Mexico)


San Cristobal is a rather neat town to visit, even though it is rather chilly. The town kinda reminds me of Antiqua, Guatemala without the volcanos. Its clean and offers plenty of restaurants and some museums that you can walk to. Lots of churches to look at. The streets are clean. Climb the stairs and … Continue reading San Cristobal (Mexico)