Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee


Great Tennessee State Park to bring the whole family to tent camp or do the RV thing. You still get the modern luxuries such as hot showers and flush toilets, yet feel like you are really in the wilderness roughing it. The trails are laid out pretty nice, but you still have the ability to fall off a cliff if not paying attention. Nothing like having a good chuckle over dinner reminiscing about the time you were dangling off a cliffs edge or were trying to adjust your aperture setting and broke a leg. Just good old-fashioned fun. Adventure the family can enjoy and let out a sigh of relief once you make it back home safely.



Road Trip in Tennessee (USA)


Well, I bought a new camera (Panasonic LX3) and that seemed like a good reason to go on a local road trip in Tennessee. Amazing that I think I have to buy a plane ticket to an exotic location when there is adventure in my own backyard undiscovered. This day adventure took place near Crossville, Tennessee. The weather was overcast and damp with light showers off and on.