Paragliding in Canoa, Ecuador



Before I knew it the paraglider came to life with a tug of the harness and Dick was looking up into his glider for the quick pre-flight check. Then he walked toward the edge of the cliff and gently became airborne.


Camping Iguana (Canoa)


Location: One block from beach near Coco Loco hostel. Canoa, Ecuador. Price: $5.00 USD for single room. Camping is $2.00 USD per person. Camping Iguana is in a great location in Canoa, Ecuador. Not to close to the beach where you feel really damp and just close enough that you hear the ocean to lull … Continue reading Camping Iguana (Canoa)

Quito, Ecuador



Old town in Quito, Ecuador is a really nice part of town to explore. They have some beautiful building to see and lots of nice places to eat. My first few nights I stayed in New town Quito and it is more of the party atmosphere with lots of bars.

Cotacachi, Ecuador


If you like leather then you will love going to Cotacachi, Ecuador and doing some shopping for some fine leather goods. Besides shopping you still have the lovely town to walk around in and relax in the Parque Central. Cotacachi is about a 20 minutes bus ride (25 cents) from Otavalo.

Posada Del Maple “Bed & Breakfast” (New town, Quito)


Price: About $9.00 USD for dorms and individual rooms start at $16.00 USD. Location: New Quito, Ecuador (at the end of “Juan Rodriguez” street.)   Staying at Posada Del Maple is like living in a museum. You will love all the artwork throughout this hotel/hostel. The rooms and bath are spotless. There is a television … Continue reading Posada Del Maple “Bed & Breakfast” (New town, Quito)

Hostal Residencia Sucre “the find of the year?” (Old town, Quito)


Price: $3.50 USD (yeah, you read it right) Location: Calle de Sta. Clara and Calle de San Buena Ventura (the side of town with the big statue of the Angel on the hill.)   Telephone: 2954025 Hostal Residencia Sucre is my find of the month or possibly the year! I was talking to … Continue reading Hostal Residencia Sucre “the find of the year?” (Old town, Quito)