Surfing Playa Herradura, Peru.

Playa Herradura is located about 20 minutes from Miraflores, Peru. You can take a taxi from Miraflores, Peru to Playa Herradura for about 15 to 20 Nuevo Sols. You can surf the main beach area of Playa Herradura or head over to the cliffs for a more adventurous day of surfing. Probably best to let … Continue reading Surfing Playa Herradura, Peru.


Cruise the Peruvian Amazon river in luxury.

Life can be good on the top and if you are ever fortunate to indulge yourself with a 7 night cruise in complete luxury, then pack your bags. Check out Aqua Expeditions website and dream of traveling on the Peruvian Amazon river in a 5 star hotel on water. Imagine waking up in a private … Continue reading Cruise the Peruvian Amazon river in luxury.

Creepy crawlers in Iquitos, Peru


 boa2Now the jungle has all kinda interesting things to make you freak out in the night and even the daytime! Imagine you are sitting on the toilet thinking about mosquitoes and you happen to look up and see a very large boa constrictor just hanging around over your head. Remain cool and finish your business.

Sloth in Iquitos, Peru


My friend from Scotland gave me some pictures from Iquitos, Peru and here is one of a sloth. Touring the jungle the guide climbed a tree and threw the sloth from the tree onto the cushy wet jungle marshy surface. My friend and and some other tourists stood in shock of this behavior, but supposedly this is how the jungle folks do business. No worry the sloth was perfectly unharmed and given a wash and dried off.