Yurimaguas, Peru to Lagunas, Peru by boat.


Cost: 20 Sol Things to take: Plate (Tupperware with locking lid) and spoon (your ticket includes a meal) Hammock Warm blanket for night Arrive for departure about an hour early for a good hammock spot and plan on the one-way trip taking 12 hours or more. Most people go to Lagunas, Peru to visit the … Continue reading Yurimaguas, Peru to Lagunas, Peru by boat.


“Yacuruna” Alojamiento Rural (Yurimaguas)


Price: 15-20 Sol (for single) Location: on the river behind Parque Central (walk down the stairs.) Yurimaguas, Peru. This hostel is probably the quietest one you will find in Yurimaguas. Good location near the central park, markets and restaurants. The locks on the door are rather flimsy, but the people seem honest that run this … Continue reading “Yacuruna” Alojamiento Rural (Yurimaguas)