Tikal (Guatemala)


Admission price: 150 Q (Effective November 5th, 2007) Bus from Guatemala City: 100 Q to 150 Q for luxury bus (8 hours) Bus station: is Fuentes del Norte (17a calle, Ave 8-46, Zona 1) I've been to the Copan Ruinas in Honduras and Tikal is more spectacular. If I had only one choice between Copan … Continue reading Tikal (Guatemala)


Flores, Guatemala (Near Tikal)


Flores, Guatemala is a good place to stay if you are going to visit Tikal. There is a nice selection of hotels and restaurants to choose from. The Parque central is located on the top of the town. The town itself is on an island just across from the town Santa Elena. Tikal is about … Continue reading Flores, Guatemala (Near Tikal)